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Many advisory-supported deals happen every year where the client ends up selling but leaves the process dissatisfied due to the advisor’s performance, attitude or support.

To understand the value of a true advisor, you should speak to the sellers of the last 4 completed transactions directly, and ask them to talk you through the advisor’s performance, process, success and service.

Choosing and hiring Merger and Acquisitions advisors to handle the sale of a business is the most important “purchase decision” you will ever make as a business owner. Ask for experience managing these deals, and for references who can attest to the ultimate success of the deals. Understanding the thought process that a team brings to the table when assembling such a deal can also prove helpful.

So, what questions should be asked when evaluating potential M&A professionals who all claim they’re the best for the job?

Some key questions to ask:

  • How long was it from engagement to exit?
  • Did the corporate finance firm deliver on its promises?
  • Did the corporate finance firm deliver on its original valuation they quoted?
  • Did this cost what was expected or were additional costs incurred?
  • What were the hurdles and how was it handled?
  • Did the advisory firm stay with you until the end?

When it comes to scrutinising a company, today’s buyers are ruthless. They can ask tough questions, disagree with your market views, and question your valuation assumptions. The right M&A advisor for your company will predict these problems and fix them ahead of time, putting you in a stronger position when you reach the market.

The best advisor for you is one who can respond to changing market dynamics and remain agile when the particular complexities of your selling process arise.

To ensure that our clients receive a high quality of service and a deep insight, we start the process with a Transaction Readiness Report. A business will move one step closer to being sale-ready by focusing diligence on the key elements of your business. This, combined with the creation and implementation of a strategy to mitigate and/or remediate problems before bringing the company to market, will improve the chances of a successful transaction that maximises value while minimising risk.

Venture Corporate Finance’s Transaction Readiness Report aim to help you to fully understand whether your business can be sold at the valuation you are looking for.


A review session to understand more about the Transaction Readiness Report and how it can help support any future decisions on selling your business.

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Venture Corporate Finance is a middle-market M&A advisory firm for clients planning to sell their businesses, raise capital, restructure, or grow with acquisitions. We provide independent advice and bespoke transaction solutions to meet their specific objectives.

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