How our business model benefits clients

Partnering with a corporate finance advisor is no small order. We’re honoured that you’re considering our firm to help you sell your business. Whether you’ve owned it for most of your working career or you’re looking to make a change in preparation for your retirement years, we’re here to help make the process of selling a business as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop our business model to benefits clients of any size and in any industry.


Excellent customer satisfaction

Our team’s success hinges on our customer satisfaction. We recognize that the decision to sell your business was most likely a difficult one. It’s not always easy to find the right buyer for something you’ve poured your life into, which is why our priorities are focused on treating our clients the same way we’d want to be treated.

This level of commitment routinely leads to above excellent marks from our clients. They’ve come to value our expertise, dedication, and detailed process that ensures that their transaction exceeded all expectations. It’s the first way that our business model benefits clients, and by far one of the most important aspects of partnering with our company.


No retainers or upfront fees

Marketing firms build their livelihood on the retainer concept. More often than not, lawyers won’t even engage a dialogue with a potential client before there’s a retainer in place. Medical professionals charge fees to NSH for a sometimes very short visit.

Retainer fees are relatively commonplace in the business world, so it only makes sense that your corporate financial advisor would also require them, right?

Let’s dig deeper. Some companies require pre-paid retainers while some bill hourly, literally stopping and starting a retainer for even the smallest amount of work on your account. Both scenarios can lead to exorbitant costs and lower customer satisfaction. And, never mind the fact that pre-pay retainers can often run out, leading to clients having to regularly renew their hours. What happens if you’ve already spent tens of thousands of pounds on trying to sell your business in retainers and have yet to have success?

Of course, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction, so what does that say about retainers or the need to bill you for upfront fees?

In a nutshell, we don’t charge either of them. Our service fee is based on successful deal completion. We will never charge any kind of retainer that we “chip away at” while working on your transaction or start and stop an arbitrary timer for each minute we spend on your account. Our focus is on making sure you’re not only satisfied with our services, but that we help you sell your business at a fair price with reasonable closing fees.


No forever tie-ins

Our lack of retainers and upfront fees is yet another way our model benefits our clients. A third way is our lack of forever tie-ins. This can come in a variety of ways, not the least of which is disappearing as soon as the ink is dry. Corporate finance advisors who are only concerned with making a quick profit and moving on usually don’t offer any kind of post-sale support. Instead, they expect payment for anything to do with your account, forever linking you to their payment system.

In addition, other firms will require a solid commitment that your account is theirs until a deal is finalized — no questions asked. While we don’t expect it to happen ever, if for any reason you don’t feel things are working out just let us know and we’ll see how we can fix the issue for you.


The Venture Corporate sales process

In fact, we’ve developed a smooth four-step sales process which allows each of these components of our business model to benefit clients.

First, we spend a great deal of time investigating your business. This takes upwards of three weeks to complete, as we want to be as thorough as possible in our due diligence. Next, we prepare for our marketing efforts, including weekly meetings and documents future buyers will use to evaluate your company. Then, we negotiate the Heads of Terms before moving on to completing the deal.

And as we mentioned, our efforts don’t stop there. We offer support after the deal is completed, including optional post-sale balance sheet reviews.


A business model to benefit clients

Our model was designed to serve you — our clients — with a process that’s easy to understand and offers unmatched benefits. From our excellent customer satisfaction testimonials to the lack of retainers, upfront fees, or long-term commitments, our focus is on helping you successfully achieve this transition. With over 100 combined years of experience across our team in the corporate financial advisor industry, we’re committed to supporting our clients step by step through the entire process.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your company, contact us and schedule a free consultation today!