Does it have to be complicated and expensive to sell your business?

Selling a business is a very time consuming process. Unless properly managed, it can impact the day-to-day performance of that business leading to an erosion of value.

Without proper advice you may end up with a reduced value at completion. You will be dealing with experienced M&A professionals on the buyer’s side who are well-versed in reducing consideration and know all the ways to drive down the actual amount paid – from due diligence deductions through the Equity Bridge calculations to Earn-Out restrictions.

When choosing an advisor you need to make sure that they are experts within the sector and as a result they can meet your valuation expectations. With Venture Corporate Finance’s unique four stage process, its unrivalled sector knowledge and transactional experience, together with its shared-risk fee structure, we will minimise the complication, the risk and the cost.



The Venture Corporate Finance way

Our four stage process allows you to decide to sell with confidence and proceed to completion in a timely manner.

As the first part of our unique four stage process we prepare a Transaction Readiness Report which addresses valuation, drivers of the valuation, any potential issues and the buyer landscape.

As part of our commitment to shared-risk this is provided completely free of charge, the only cost to you will be your time.


Our transaction readiness report will allow you to fully understand the key elements of your business and indicates if the business is ready for sale at the valuation required.


  • Summary business review
  • Drivers of value
  • Financial summary
  • Market valuation
  • Buyers landscape

Timeframe ACTION

Day 1 Information request sent to client to enable project to start

Day 6 Receive back client information

Day 7 Transaction team start work on the report

Day 9 1 hour 1-2-1 session on the business and its proposition

Day 12 Report completed

Day 13 Face to Face or Video meeting to review the report

Day 20 Review next steps

Day 21 Agree next steps

Marketing and sale preparation programme

As we move forward from stage one we now look to develop your unique proposition into transaction documentation and prepare you for due diligence should you you accept an offer.


  • Transaction documentation
  • Buyers approach report
  • Buyer introduction meetings
  • Set-up data-room and start due diligence preparation
  • Negotiate with buyer on valuations
  • Weekly review meetings

Timeframe Action

Month 2 Follow-up 1-2-1 to review further information for proposition

Month 2.2 Complete teaser with client sign off

Month 2.3 Complete Information Memorandum

Month 2.4 Agree with client buyers approach list

Month 2.4 Approach buyers for interest, valuation, questions

Month 3 Face to Face or Video meeting with buyers

Month 3.1 Set-up data-room and list of due diligence questions

Month 3.2 Negotiate with buyers and agree valuation and deal

Negotiate Head of Terms document

The Heads of Terms document is a crucial milestone in the process and lays out the key terms of the buyer’s offer. Together we will agree and negotiate this document


  • Negotiation with buyer on Heads of Terms document
  • Agree roadmap for completion
  • All parties introduction including your taxation and legal advisors


Month 3.1 Receive from buyer Heads of Terms document and circulate

Month 3.2 Review meeting with lawyers and shareholders on Heads of Terms 

Month 3.3 Highlight and negotiate outstanding issues

Month 3.4 Heads of Terms signed and agreed

Month 3.5 All shareholder and principles meeting to kick-off stage 4

Project manage due diligence to completion

Often described by sellers as `death by a thousand cuts` as you have so many obstacles to overcome at this point. Expertise and experience in completing a deal can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds during this final stage.


  • Full project management
  • Support with due diligence and uploading information requests to a secure data-room
  • Review of net working capital and Equity Bridge calculations
  • Weekly principals meetings
  • Support with Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) document negotiations.

Timeframe ACTION

Month 3.4 Receive due diligence questions for legal, taxation and finance

Month 4 Upload additional documents to data-room

Month 4.3 Answer initial due diligence questions

Month 4.4 Review net working capital and Equity Bridge calculations

Month 5 Receive and review draft SPA

Month 5.1 Complete disclosures

Month 5.3 Negotiate outstanding obstacles

Month 5.4 COMPLETION – Great job everybody!

After transaction support

Once most corporate finance businesses have their success fee you will not see them for dust. At Venture Corporate Finance we believe that the transaction is only fully completed when you have all your proceeds. Your satisfaction matters to us beyond that completion signing day.


  • Support with completion balance sheet reviews
Don't get chipped!



Sell your business in 4 to 7 months

This is generally the timeline taken for a business to sell. This timeline can be quickened should the seller have the relevant information and proposition to sell their business or equally it can be lengthened due to a business that is not transaction ready. Wherever your business is Venture Corporate Finance can help.



No Fee for this bespoke and detailed report.

All we ask for is 60 days exclusivity to complete and present the analysis.


A one-off fee is incurred once we find you a suitable buyer, you agree to sell the business and sign the Heads of Terms document.


Once you have signed the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) and competed the sale of your business then a success fee will apply.

Venture Corporate Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information handled confidentially?

We will sign a strict NDA before any information is passed. All information is then held in a secure data site that you can access and delete at any point. At no point will we pass your information to any other parties without your knowledge.

How do i choose the right advisor?

All advisors will tell you have great they are, they know the buyers, they have experience of transactions but in reality choosing your advisor will come down to – do you think they are credible and do you believe you can work with them to achieve the best result for you?

How much does this cost?

The Venture Corporate Finance way is to ensure that you start with a no-risk solution. This is our Transaction Readiness Report which allows you to know your market value, understand if buyers would be interested in your business and determine if you are actually ready to sell!. If you then agree to go forward with a sale process we would look for a commercial fee plus a success fee when the deal is completed.

How long will the process take?

The process from start to finish can take anything from 4 months to 8 months and we generally sit someplace in the middle. The timeframes are dependant on a number of factors including the availability of your data, seasonality and most recently lockdowns.  We have completed deals where clients are fully ready with the data in 3 months and others have taken 7 to 12 months. Do not listen to the brokers that have accelerator programmes or quick transaction processes as these short cuts lead to your losses later.

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