What makes Venture Corporate Finance different? Everything!

Venture Corporate Finance

As we meet new clients and work with them on their M&A process, we sometimes get asked “What makes Venture Corporate Finance different from other advisors?” Recognising that, not only is it a fair question to those clients we’ve already met, but also to those in the Awareness stage of the Buyers Journey, we thought we’d unpack the six things that make Venture Corporate Finance different than the rest!


Our proven four-step process to sell your business

Every potential transaction with one of our clients starts with the Investigate stage. Here, we conduct a business review, financial summary, market analysis, and unpack the buyers landscape.

Next, we begin working on our marketing and sales programme. We’ll develop your USP so that potential buyers have a crystal clear picture of what your company brings to the table in a potential M&A. We’ll also create a buyers approach report, begin introductory buyer meetings, set up our data room with due diligence processes, start initial negotiations, and finally schedule weekly meetings for all parties involved.

The third step, negotiating the Heads of Terms document, is a critically important milestone designed to lay out the terms of the buyer’s offer. Through cooperation, we’ll land on the final terms and conditions of this document which includes a roadmap for completion and begins looking at legal and tax implications.

 The final step, completion, ensures that the sale is finalized with minimal headache for the buyer or seller. We’ll continue our due diligence process here with the end goal of helping you complete the transaction while minimizing your costs along the way.

 Finally, our fifth bonus step is post-sale support, something few offer and one of the most obvious things that makes Venture Corporate Finance different.


Our combined team experience

Many of our current team members each have upwards of fifteen to twenty years of experience in the corporate finance industry. When we tallied them all up, we collectively have over 100 years of experience among each of our team members. In addition, that number keeps increasing as more and more professionals join our firm.


Opportunities for events and webinars

With such a talented group of experts on your side, we’ve also worked hard to offer various non-traditional services for our new, existing, and potential clients. For example, throughout the year we’ve offered various webinars designed to help new sellers understand the unique process of selling their business. We’ve also offered other online classes geared around the IT industry and more.

 In addition, as the world economy gradually recovers from the pandemic, we’ve offered in-person events such as our in-person dinners and our upcoming Christmas lunch.


Access to buyers and sellers

As another experience of our unique team dynamic, one of the more interesting things that makes Venture Corporate Finance different is our unprecedented access to both buyers and sellers. Not only do we understand the pre and post Covid market situations, we have connections with a vast network of potential leads, regardless if you’re looking to buy a new business or sell one.

 Through the due diligence process, we can identify who we know or how to reach new markets that would be best suited to your specific needs. The M&A process is multi-layered and can have many exit ramps. We’ll connect you with the ones most suited to your professional goals.


Our client-focused business model

Whether you’re a buyer looking for a M&A or a seller ready to let go of the business you’ve built, we can help. We’ve developed a client-focused business model, which is another thing that makes Venture Corporate Finance different from others in our industry. We don’t charge retainers or upfront fees, don’t have any forever tie-in clauses, and have developed a proven four-step model that leads to successful M&As each and every time.


Continued growth

As we mentioned with our team, we’re regularly adding new experts to our employee portfolio. From a client perspective, we also regularly adding new buyers and sellers to our list of satisfied customers on a routine basis. With massive growth in the consumer-driven markets right now as well as a desire for a return to normal, the market is primed and ready to drive our already unprecedented growth exponentially over the coming years.


What makes Venture Corporate Finance different? Everything!

When our founders launched our firm, it was with the intention to do things differently than the rest. We wanted to set ourselves apart from other advisors by offering a total package solution through our proven four-step process all the way to our continuing employee and client base growth.

 As you’re making the decision of who to partner with, we’d love to offer you a free one-hour Transaction Readiness Report to help you along the way. Just visit our website here to book your appointment — we’ll then be in touch soon to schedule a time to speak with you.